we can't run forever

I first started building on this series way, way back in high school. It makes sense; all I had at that point was decisions. What was I going to do? Was I going to go to homeroom today? No, I think I’ll sleep in. Am I going to go to gym today? No, I think I’ll go get a late lunch with my friends. I’m in shape, I run track. My calves are nice.


The point is life is an endless journey of crossroads. Doesn’t matter where you’re at, all you have is your choice in the end. Left or Right? Up or Down? Scorsese or Kubrick? Vanilla or Chocolate? You’ve got to live with it. And you can’t second-guess yourself. What’s your gut telling you? Listen to it. Couldn’t tell you how many times I walked away from a bad situation, wishing I listened to my instincts sooner. 


“we can’t run forever” is that inner dialogue. Knowing that you can’t keep running into different directions, all scattered and fleeting. Everyone’s got his or her route, and you better find it amongst the haze.


Not only am I a changed person from then, I don’t even remember that time. I barely remember the pressure of “these are your only options, now pick one.” I’m glad it’s all a blur though. What’s clear, as day to me now, is where I’m headed. And I hope it is for you too. Thank You.